U-KISS’ Eli Speaks Out on His Surprise Marriage

2015-12-07 02:01:21 2015-12-07 02:43:15

On December 7, U-KISSEli tweeted a string of messages on his Twitter. It marked the first time he had spoken since he announced his surprise marriage on Instagram three days ago.

The tweets are translated in whole below:

“Hello, this is U-KISS’ Eli. First off, I want to apologize for not announcing [my marriage] in advance to my family and members that I love, and to our fans, KISSME. I also [want to apologize] to our [Korean] agency, NH EMG, along with our Japanese agency, avex.

My announcement was really sudden, so you must have been extremely surprised, right? During [the time I was married] it was extremely hard [to keep it a secret], but regardless I have never once regretted joining U-KISS. However, as a result of living to keep my status as an idol, my family suffered a lot.

I always had to hide, never able to be open. I felt like a fool when I couldn’t even go to the hospital freely even though we were going to have a child. In order to protect my family, I decided to act without anyone else’s input. I wanted to take responsibility.

I deliberated a lot [about revealing my marriage] while thinking of my members who, after spending more than ten years together, are as close me as family. I wanted to announce [my marriage], but every time I was never able to gather my courage and say it. Right now, I am so thankful that my members are worried about me [rather than worrying about U-KISS].

With your permission, I would like to continue working hard as U-KISS’ Eli with the other members and with the fans. As the head of a family, I will become an “Eli” that is a respectable member of the team and company.

Please bless my family and my child.”

Good luck to Eli and his family!