A Pink’s Hayoung Reveals They Have No Comeback Plans Right Now

2015-12-09 03:28:22 2015-12-09 03:30:08

It looks like fans will have to wait a little longer for a new album from A Pink.

On the December 9 broadcast of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” assistant hosts A Pink’s Hayoung and VIXX‘s N joined the main host Defconn and special MC Sunggyu for some fun games in the “Tasting Corner.”

While catching up with each other, Defconn got curious about A Pink’s comeback plans. He asked Hayoung, “Is A Pink preparing for a comeback?”

weekly idol

Immediately upon hearing the question, Hayoung said, “No,” causing everyone to burst into laughter over her short and blunt response.

weekly ido  l

Meanwhile, this week’s episode of “Weekly Idol” featured rookie girl group TWICE.

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