EXID’s LE Thanks Fans for Sending Birthday Presents in Video

2015-12-09 22:28:07 2015-12-09 22:28:07

Happy birthday to EXID’s LE! The rapper turned 24 on December 10 and EXID’s fans (known as Leggos) sent her a room full of gifts in congratulations.

In the video, the table is heaped with flowers and presents, many of them wrapped beautifully in hot pink (a reference to EXID’s latest single “Hot Pink”). There are even a few specially designed cakes in honor of the occasion. The gifts ranged from candles in her favorite scent (lemon lavender) to fanmade photobooks and drawings. Leggos even sent her some Legos for fun!

Touched, LE thanks her fans for remembering her birthday every year and promises to use her presents well.

EXID’s Junghwa also posted on her Instagram congratulating her fellow member on her birthday, while LE posted a picture on her own Instagram of her younger brother’s gift.

EXID Junghwa LE


Watch the video below:

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