INFINITE’s Sunggyu Turns Into Total Fanboy Upon Meeting TWICE

2015-12-09 05:09:16 2015-12-09 05:15:29

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu let his inner fanboy loose on this week’s episode of “Weekly Idol” featuring rookie girl group TWICE.

As previously announced, Sunggyu will be filling in for regular MC Jung Hyung Don for a couple of episodes as a special MC. This week, he had the lucky opportunity to meet the girls of TWICE, who have been stealing the hearts of boys and girls around the world — including Sunggyu.

Unable to take their their eyes off the dashing girl group, Defconn and Sunggyu welcomed the nine girls to the basement studio. This was followed by TWICE’s bright signature greeting, “One in a million, we are TWICE,” and a deep bow to the viewers.

sunggyu twice

The MC duo immediately turned into spazzing fanboys, and Sunggyu went all out with expressing his excitement. Clapping vigorously and smiling like the happiest person on earth, he appeared utterly delighted to meet the girls in person, and even Defconn seemed surprised at his partner’s reaction.

sunggyu twice

Sunggyu and Defconn went on to ask TWICE to elaborate on the meaning behind their unique greeting. Member Jihyo explained that they hope to become a group that is “one in a million,” and upon hearing this, Sunggyu made everyone squeal by confessing, “You are that to me already.”

Check out the full episode below!