B1A4’s Sandeul Joins Instagram

2015-12-10 13:58:07 2016-01-27 22:19:19

B1A4 member Sandeul has finally joined the rest of his group members on Instagram, which means we’ll hopefully be seeing lots of glimpses of his everyday life soon!

So far Sandeul has posted a couple selfies with the caption, “My swan friends that I met last night while taking a walk together with a friend.” He then adds as one of the hashtags, “#baroganatanatda,” which is the Instagram username of his fellow member Baro, who he was taking a walk with.

He also includes the hashtag “#helsinki” because the B1A4 guys were in Helsinki, Finland on December 9 as part of their three-stop European tour. They are performing in Madrid, Spain on December 10 and Berlin, Germany on December 11.

Baro updated his Instagram with a picture of the swans on the evening of December 9, writing the caption in English, “I saw swans…so beautiful..Winter is coming…goodnight everybody.”

b1a4 baro 2

Since Sandeul joined Instagram, Baro has already started tagging him on his photos. One of these is a shot of the group as they prepared to leave Helsinki, on which Baro tagged Sandeul’s Instagram along with the usernames of the other members, Jinyoung, CNU, and Gongchan.

b1a4 baro

You can follow Sandeul on Instagram here!