GOT7’s Jackson Thinks Fans No Longer Want to See Him Shirtless

2015-12-13 19:31:39 2015-12-13 19:31:39

Some fans are apparently telling GOT7‘s Jackson to stop taking his shirt off.

On the December 13 broadcast of JTBC’s new variety show “Taste of Others,” veteran singer Kim Heung Kook and Jackson meet up for a public bath date.

With just towels wrapped around their waists, the artists step into a streamy sauna for a little relaxation. Seeing Jackson’s tight physique, Kim Heung Kook asks him, “Have you ever revealed your abs? You must get a lot of calls from female fans.”


To much surprise, Jackson says, “No. I’ve shown my abs so much that they say it’s getting old. They tell me to stop taking my shirt off,” causing both of them to burst into laughter. The senior artist next points at Jackson’s stomach hair, apparently amazed by his body hair growth.

Jackson looks at his fuzzy hair and says, “This is what I have after shaving it.” Kim Heung Kook tries to stand up for body hair by saying, “I’ve come this far thanks to my moustache,” referring to his signature look. Hearing this, Jackson comments, “You probably have the No.1 moustache in all of Korea, right?” and the sauna is soon filled with laughter again.

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