Ji Suk Jin Cracks the “Running Man” Cast Up with His Hilarious Antics

2015-12-13 12:56:30 2015-12-13 12:56:30

In the “Zombie Wars” special episode of “Running Man,” Ji Suk Jin causes an uproar amongst the other cast members.


During the mission where the cast has to rescue survivors trapped in a zombie den, Ji Suk Jin is infected and is unable to find the antidote before he turns. In order to distract the others from their mission, Ji Suk Jin does his best impression of a zombie.


However, instead of being intimidating, Ji Suk Jin merely causes the others to crack up by moaning “Big Nose” and making exaggerated zombie gestures.


Even he can’t keep himself from laughing, and Lee Kwang Soo especially is near tears. Lee Kwang Soo even manages to snap a picture of Ji Suk Jin being ridiculous.

running man ji suk jin 2


You can check out Ji Suk Jin’s performance starting at the 56:15 mark in the “Zombie Wars” episode below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1061332v-running-man-their-identity-zombie-war-episode-277

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