Park Shin Hye Shows Support for Former Co-Star Yoo Yeon Seok

2015-12-13 06:32:50 2015-12-13 06:33:48

Actress Park Shin Hye recently stopped by the waiting room of actor Yoo Yeon Seok to show her support for his latest musical.

On December 13, the actress posted a sweet picture of her posing next to the musical star on her Instagram, both of them smiling brightly for the camera. Yoo Yeon Seok is seen holding a nice big bouquet of flowers, apparently given to him by the kindhearted actress.

Park Shin Hye wrote as the caption, “The Passer-Through-Walls. It’s been a while, Doo Ta Yoo,” referring to the title of the musical and the name of Yoo Yeon Seok’s character. She then described their relationship by writing, “Poria Mushroom Tea and the Queen.”

Previously, Yoo Yeon Seok revealed through a Twitter post that Park Shin Hye gave him the nickname “Poria Mushroom Tea” while they were filming the 2014 movie “The Royal Tailor.” In a deleted scene, Park Shin Hye serves Yoo Yeon Seok tea made out of poria mushrooms, which seems to have served as the inspiration for the nickname. Park Shin Hye herself plays the queen in the film.

It’s nice to see that the former co-stars still keep in touch!

Meanwhile, “The Passer-Through-Walls” starring Yoo Yeon Seok runs until February 14 in the Hongik University Art Center in Daehak-ro.

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