Seo Jun Turns Into a Heartbreaker on “The Return of Superman”

2015-12-13 22:58:05 2015-12-13 22:58:05

On the December 13 broadcast of “The Return of Superman,” Seo Jun keeps a cool distance as he refuses to be kissed by both a little girl and his brother.

On the episode, the twins visit their father Lee Hwi Jae’s close friend, Kim Hyun Chul, and meet his daughter Bom Bom. Bom Bom takes a shine to Seo Jun and follows him around, even attempting to kiss him. Seo Jun, however, refuses the kiss and runs away and older twin Seo Eon looks after the little girl instead.

seo eon seo jun

In the same episode, the twins have a fight over a dinosaur doll. Lee Hwi Jae reminds them to get along and try and get them to make up. Seo Eon attempts to kiss his brother to make up, but Seo Jun wipes his face afterwards, upsetting Seo Eon.

seo jun seo eon

Watch the twins in the latest episode below:

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