Song Ji Hyo Is Selfless and Courageous on “Running Man” Zombie Special

2015-12-13 09:03:13 2015-12-13 09:03:13

On the “Zombie Wars” special episode of “Running Man,” Song Ji Hyo proves why she’s considered the ace of the home team.


The December 13 episode requires the “Running Man” cast members to infiltrate a building infested with zombies to rescue survivors as part of the mission. During the mission, Song Ji Hyo falls victim to Ji Suk Jin‘s scheme and gets bitten in a swarm of zombies.

However, instead of giving up, Song Ji Hyo continues to search for survivors in the building. She even gives up the only antidote to one of the survivors who was bitten, before going off in search of another antidote.

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Catch Song Ji Hyo’s courageous feats in the episode below!

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