Yoon Mirae Makes Magnificent Comeback With “This Love”

2015-12-13 07:21:40 2015-12-13 07:21:40

Multitalented artist Yoon Mirae has returned with her stunning new single “This Love.”

After teasing the release with an emotional video teaser, the full single finally dropped on December 14 at midnight KST.

The heartbreakingly beautiful ballad starts off simple with a classic piano melody, allowing Yoon Mirae’s husky voice to fully shine. Slowly, the song builds in intensity, leading up to a burst of emotion in the latter half. The lyrics describe the pain of being left behind and longing after your love.

Known for sweeping the music charts with her ballads, Yoon Mirae has proven once again why she deserves to be called one of the Queens of the industry.

Watch the music video for “This Love” below.