Kim Jong Kook Drinks at Least Once a Year Because Of “Running Man”

2015-12-14 19:40:51 2015-12-15 00:57:38

Kim Jong Kook wowed his viewers with his self-control on the  December 14 episode of “Crisis Escape No. 1.” He, along with Kim Ji Min, Jung Tae Ho, Park Ji Yoon, and Lee Jung Min, is a MC of the show.


On this episode, Kim Jong Kook shared his plans for the end of the year with his viewers. One schedule that drew everyone’s eyes was the “Goodbye 2015 party” on December 30.

Then Kim Jong Kook said, “I only drink twice a year.” He then said that one of those two occasions is the Goodbye 2015 party. He said, “I party with the friends who run after the awards show,” presumably referring to the “Running Man” cast and the SBS Entertainment Awards.

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*The earlier version of this article has been edited to state the Kim Jong Kook is an MC of the show.