iKON Inhales Helium, Takes Lie Detector Test, and More in Promo Spot for “Season’s Greeting”

2015-12-15 19:26:32 2015-12-15 19:30:29

iKON has released an adorable promo spot for their “2016 iKON Season’s Greeting: Kony Island.” The seven boys have traveled to Jeju Island in order to shoot their season’s greeting’s calendar, and it looks like they got into some antics along the way!

The video shows the members joking around and playing a variety of games. It also includes a clip of the segment “Ask iKON Anything,” where the boys answered questions with the added twist of only answering after inhaling helium! In addition, the questions are asked to each member when they’re hooked up to a lie detector, shocking them if they answer incorrectly!

Check out the full preview below. The full DVD will be available with the purchase of their 2016 Season’s Greeting calendar.