“Infinite Challenge” Cast To Face Off Against 8 Policemen in Busan

2015-12-16 14:40:36 2015-12-16 14:40:36

The Busan police talked about their experience with the taping of the recent chase episode with cast members of “Infinite Challenge.”

For the upcoming episode, the detectives formed a special forces utilizing information obtained through SNS for their investigation in order to catch the members. A suspenseful chase will be portrayed in this episode. The members will come up with unexpected methods to avoid being caught by the veteran detectives.

The Busan police department commented on December 16, “We were able to collaborate with the show after about a year of discussion. Total of eight detectives and police officers speaking with heavy Busan accent were part of this taping.”

infinite challenge

The Busan police department added, “We made sure the members who participated in the taping were off duty officers and we focused on everyone’s safety first and foremost. We can’t tell you anything to spoil the storyline, but the viewers will have fun and share in the excitement. The “Infinite Challenge” members and our police force worked really hard, so please anticipate with great expectation.”

The taping of the Chase episode took place in Busan to get away from the familiar backdrop of Seoul. Last week, “Infinite Challenge” officially announced the cast members on the Wanted List via SNS signaling the start of the chase.

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