Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Woo Bin Cast in Film Together

2015-12-16 17:38:09 2015-12-16 17:38:09

What a cast!

Actors Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Woo Bin are confirmed for the film “Master.”

“Master” is action crime thriller revolving around a large fraud case and the criminals involved, as wells as the detectives on the case. The film is lead by the “Cold Eyes” director, Jo Eui Suk. This is his second film.

Kang Dong Won plays the role of Kim Jae Myung, the team leader of the white collar crime investigation division. Kim Jae Myung is described as a sophisticated and charismatic detective who becomes even more determined and daring the harder his case becomes. This is Kang Dong Won’s first time playing a detective.

Lee Byung Hun acts with Kang Dong Won for the first time in this movie, playing President Jin, head of the largest fraud network, One.

Kim Woo Bin plays the role of Park Jang Gun, the brain of the One network, who is caught between Jin and Kim Jae Myung.

The cast is expected to start filming in the first half of 2016.

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