Kim Yeon Woo Cancels Suwon Concert Citing Vocal Problems

2015-12-16 13:51:16 2015-12-16 13:51:16

More unfortunate news for Kim Yeon Woo fans – due to issues with his vocal cords, his December 18 concert in Suwon has been canceled.

A representative from the venue in Suwon where the concert was to be held stated on December 16, “The scheduled Kim Yeon Woo concert has been canceled.” Kim Yeon Woo previously had to cut his Cheonan concert short on December 12 after having difficulty reaching the high notes.

Feeling apologetic to his fans, Kim Yeon Woo met with them in the lobby and signed autographs, in addition to the fans’ concert tickets being refunded. At the time of the incident, Kim Yeon Woo’s agency stated, “He was having problems during rehearsals, but since he wanted to stand before his audience, the concert went ahead as planned. However, he was unable to continue performing, and thus the concert was halted.”

After the Cheonan concert was canceled, Kim Yeon Woo went to the hospital to get checked out, and was advised by a doctor to rest and wait it out. The concerts scheduled for Christmas Day and New Years Eve in Goyang and Gwangju are still on the books, though it is unsure whether or not these concerts will be canceled, as well.

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