Daebak Transforms Into Baby Santa on “The Return of Superman”

2015-12-17 21:02:18 2015-12-17 21:02:18

Lee Dong Gook’s beagle twins, Seol Ah and Su Ah, and their baby brother Daebak transform into mini Santas for the upcoming holiday season.

On the upcoming December 20 broadcast of “The Return of Superman,” the children dress up in Santa costumes for Christmas. Seol Ah and Su Ah are adorable in bright red dresses with white trim, while Daebak is a perfect Santa cosplay in the trademark hat and belt.


The twins are also revealed to be earnestly waiting for Santa Claus. Seol Ah flusters her father by saying, “Please give me a present,” in the middle of singing a carol and putting her hands out in front of her.

Daebak celebrates his second Christmas by helping his sisters decorate the tree and make a gingerbread house. Meanwhile, Lee Dong Gook’s father prepares to get closer to his grandchildren by making a surprise appearance.

The episode will be broadcast on December 20 at 4:50 p.m KST.

Watch the previous episode below:

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