Won Bin and Lee Na Young Stay Secretive About Baby’s Birth Details

2015-12-19 02:47:25 2015-12-19 02:47:25

Actors Won Bin and Lee Na Young recently announced that they have welcomed their first child into the world. However, the couple has chosen to keep the details of the baby’s birth a secret.

Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s agency stated on December 19, “We cannot divulge the time the baby was delivered or whether or not the baby was born through natural childbirth, as those details fall into the area of their private lives.” The agency went on to say that Lee Na Young gave birth at an undisclosed OBGYN clinic in Seoul, and that both mother and child are healthy.

The reason behind the secrecy is most likely due to the speculation that Won Bin and Lee Na Young had a shotgun wedding. The two were wed on May 30 of this year, though the agency at the time denied any rumors that Lee Na Young was pregnant. They’ve been married for only seven months.

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