Daebak and Lee Dong Gook Are Adorable in Hide-and-Seek Game

2015-12-20 22:43:48 2015-12-20 22:43:48

Daebak and Lee Dong Gook made viewers smile all across the nation (and beyond) on the recent episode of “The Return of Superman.”

On the December 20 broadcast, the father-son duo play a game of hide-and seek. Daebak hides behind a curtain and peeks out with a smile. Lee Dong Gook can’t help but smile back at his baby’s aegyo. The two have so much fun that they repeat the game over and over.


Finally, when Daebak hides behind the curtain again, Lee Dong Gook hides himself away. When Daebak opens the curtains, he is confused to find his father gone. When Lee Dong Gook jumps out and surprises him, Daebak bursts into adorable laughter.


Watch the episode below (the hide-and-seek game starts around 13:50).

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