The New Miss Universe Was a Huge Super Junior Fan (and Siwon Stan)

2015-12-21 19:49:34 2015-12-21 23:50:36

The crowning of Miss Universe is an event that’s expected to be seen around the world, but this year’s finale went viral beyond all expectations. Initially (and incorrectly) named first runner-up, the Philippines’ Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach hesitantly returned to center stage, where the gigantic crown was taken from the head of Miss Colombia, and placed on her own. The excruciatingly awkward moment made headlines, but the grace with which the new Miss Universe handled the uncomfortable situation gained her thousands of new fans.

Including Super Junior fans! Netizens have dug up old tweets from Pia’s official account, and discovered that she is, or at least, was, a serious ELF… with a serious Siwon bias. The tweets, which are screencapped and can still be found on her account, show that she has at least once jokingly referred to herself, not as Miss Universe, but Mrs. Siwon Choi. She also shared a dream in which Donghae became her boyfriend, but most of her tweets were reserved for Super Junior’s most famous visual.

All tweets date from 2009, causing many Twitter users to ask if she still likes Siwon. Still, some K-pop fans are now wondering: Was this why Pia chose that gorgeous sapphire blue gown for her big moment?

And still others are imagining Siwon’s reaction:

What do you think of Miss Universe being an ELF?