Go Ara Discusses Her Intense Kiss Scenes With Yoo Seung Ho

2015-12-22 06:08:11 2015-12-22 06:08:11

Actress Go Ara has revealed what went on behind the scenes of her many kiss scenes with Yoo Seung Ho for the film “Joseon Magician.”

On December 22, the “Joseon Magician” cast and director Kim Dae Seung gathered for a press conference at Lotte Cinema in Jayang-dong, Seoul.

Introducing her on-screen relationship with her co-star, Go Ara shared, “We shot quite a few extremely romantic and lovey-dovey scenes with Yoo Seung Ho. There are many scenes that I personally like a lot.”

“Whenever we shot kiss scenes, around 50 staff members gathered around us to follow the shoot. Passion was in the air on set,” the actress described how everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of their intimate kisses.

Meanwhile, “Joseon Magician” is set to open in theaters on December 30.

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