Lee Guk Joo and Lee Je Hoon Have Flirted?

2015-12-23 17:44:07 2015-12-23 17:44:07

Lee Guk Joo revealed that she “flirts” with the actor Lee Je Hoon, surprising everyone. This story came out on the December 23 episode of “Radio Star.”

Lee Guk Joo Radio Star

Kim Gura, who could not believe Lee Guk Joo’s claim, asked for details, saying, “Are you actually flirting with Lee Je Hoon?” Lee Guk Joo then clarified, and said, “I just meant that we have met by ourselves to have a few drinks,” making everyone laugh. It turned out that Lee Je Hoon is close to Honey Lee, who is also close to Lee Guk Joo. And Lee Je Hoon and Lee Guk Joo had met by themselves because Honey Lee was unavailable.

However, Lee Guk Joo still said, “Lee Je Hoon was very caring, and he gave me a special present when we parted ways.”

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