Shin Min Ah Braves the Cold for “Oh My Venus” Shoot

2015-12-26 19:07:07 2015-12-26 19:07:07

Shin Min Ah braved the cold during a shoot for “Oh My Venus.”

On December 25, the actress was asked to shoot a summer scene in which she — playing a lawyer — wins a case. To make the scene as perfect as possible, not only did she give up her Christmas holidays, she also filmed the summer scene in the freezing cold.

The shoot, which lasted nearly two hours, would no doubt have been difficult for anyone, but it was relayed that Shin Min Ah never lost her smile, and even cheered up the staff members. She also finished off her scenes efficiently so that the staff wouldn’t be as worried about her thin clothes in the cold.

The staff said, “Shin Min Ah, who has a lot of parts in particular, filmed with no difficulty through the tiring schedule and even the cold.” They also said, “Please cheer on Shin Min Ah, who is always laughing and creating bright energy on set even though she must be so tired.”

Meanwhile, the next episode of the KBS drama “Oh My Venus” will be aired on December 28.

You can catch up with the latest episode here:

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