f(x)’s Luna Asks People to Report Imposters on Social Media

2015-12-29 22:23:47 2015-12-29 22:23:47

f(x)‘s Luna has recently shown her unhappiness with people impersonating her on social media.

On December 30, Luna uploaded a post on her personal Instagram. She wrote, “Yesterday, a disappointing thing happened. An acquaintance contacted me and said that it looked like someone was impersonating me again. If anyone sees IDs like this, please report it.”


In the accompanying picture, there is a Facebook made with Luna’s birth name, Park Sunyoung. The user in question appears to be using Luna’s name in order to benefit from her followers.

f(x) recently released their song “Wish List” on December 15 as part of SM Entertainment’s winter single project “Winter Garden.”

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