Lee Guk Joo and Kim Jong Gook Show an Unforgettable Impromptu Performance

2015-12-31 01:33:00 2015-12-31 01:33:00

Lee Guk Joo pulled off a gutsy performance at the 2015 SBS Entertainment Awards on December 30. She formed a trio with fellow comedians Hong Yoon Hwa and Park Ji Hyun, to dress up as a girl group and show off some dancing skills on stage.

The group sang GFRIEND‘s “Me Gustas Tu” and AOA‘s “Heart Attack,” and started interacting with the audience members. At that moment, Lee Guk Joo brought none other than Kim Jong Gook on stage, and asked for a kiss. Completely taken by surprise, Kim Jong Gook nonetheless gave her a kiss on the cheek, which led to a loud cheer from the fans.

Lee Guk Joo didn’t forget to add a final hilarious remark as she exited the stage, saying, “Oppa, what do you think about going to Hawai’i for our honeymoon?”

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