Park Bo Gum Answers Question About Plastic Surgery Behind the Scenes of “Reply 1988”

2016-01-02 20:58:40 2016-01-02 20:58:40

Due to the break in the normally scheduled Friday-Saturday drama “Reply 1988,” a behind-the-scenes special of the popular drama aired on January 2, titled “Reply 1988: Behind.”

On “Reply 1988 Behind,” actor Park Bo Gum’s first meeting with the production team was aired.

park bo gum

Before the team started filming the series, a production team member asked Park Bo Gum if he ever got plastic surgery. Park Bo Gum replied, “No, everything is original. I’m serious. My nose belongs to me.”

Park Bo Gum added, “I’m not a good drinker. I can’t smoke and can’t curse either.”

The episode also shows actor Ko Kyung Pyo (Sun Woo) being pleasantly surprised at his good friend Ryu Hye Young portraying the role of his love interest Sung Bo Ra.

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