CJ E&M Acquires Jay Park’s Label AOMG

2016-01-05 18:19:12 2016-01-05 18:19:12

It was reported on January 6 that CJ E&M has acquired AOMG.

AOMG was founded in August 2013 by hip-hop artist Jay Park. Since it’s foundation, the label has focused on producing hip-hop, R&B, and rap music.

Besides its founder, artists currently under the label include Simon DLoco, Elo, Ugly Duck, DJ Wegun, DJ Pumkin, and Hoody among others. The artists represent a key group of hip-hop and R&B artists in Korea.

A CJ E&M representative commented that they will be doing their best to grow the artists and music under the label both domestically and internationally. The added that in order to achieve that goal they would be providing their knowledge on market infrastructure and their know-how of the music market to the label.

Following the merger, AOMG will have access to CJ E&M’s distribution channels, marketing resources, and global network along with other resources, widening the domestic and international reach of their label.

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