JYP Entertainment Asks Fans to Stop Visiting GOT7’s Dorm

2016-01-05 04:58:43 2016-01-05 04:58:43

JYP Entertainment has kindly asked fans to limit their visits to GOT7‘s dorm.

On January 4, the management agency posted an official notice on their website, asking GOT7 fans to show more “mature behavior.”

According to the statement, GOT7 members and their neighbors have experienced “deep inconvenience” due to fans visiting GOT7’s dorm building. The agency asks fans to send any gifts and letters to the members by directing them to the JYP Center or applying for JYP’s “support application.”

It appears that some fans have tried to personally deliver gifts to the members by camping outside their dorm, causing inconvenience to other residents of the building and leaving JYP no other choice but to address the issue through a notice.

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