Lovelyz’ Kei Melts Girls’ Generation’s Sunny With Her Aegyo

2016-01-06 04:09:26 2016-01-06 04:15:38

LovelyzKei is proving herself to be quite skilled at acting irresistibly cute.

On the January 6 broadcast of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” up-and-coming rookie girl group Lovelyz participates in the famous “Random Play Dance” game. Some members have trouble keeping up with the changing music and different choreographies, and finally MC Defconn has to stop the music.

Hoping to avoid the hosts’ scolding, Kei quickly turns to Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny, who is a special MC for this episode, and quickly melts Sunny’s heart with her stunning smile and adorable aegyo. Even as a fellow female, Sunny appears to find Kei’s aegyo irresistible, and can’t help but smile at the young idol.

kei aegyo

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