South Korea Resumes Anti-North Korea Broadcasts, Includes K-Pop and Dramas

2016-01-08 01:09:59 2016-01-08 01:12:13

South Korea’s government has once again started up the anti-North Korea propaganda broadcasts at 11 spots along the North-South Korean border in retaliation to the North’s alleged hydrogen bomb test earlier this week.

In a press conference with the media on January 8, a military official stated, “We have plans to broadcast the sound of freedom every day at irregular intervals.” The broadcasts will include news reports, as well as messages of how the North and South have the same roots and criticism of the North.

The official also stated, “In order to stir an interest [in the North Korean people], we will broadcast dramas and music, as well.”

Back in August 2015, when the broadcasts resumed for the first time in 11 years, K-pop songs played in the broadcasts included BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang” and Girls’ Generation‘s “Genie.” North Korea generally regards these broadcasts as acts of psychological warfare.

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