Hani Narrates the Marines Episode of “Real Men” for Her Brother

2016-01-10 22:05:23 2016-01-10 22:05:23

Hani of EXID was the narrator for the January 10 episode of “Real Men 2” in which the members try the Search Battalion and Mountain Battalion of the Marines.


This experience of narrating is actually very special for Hani, as her younger brother is also enlisted in the Marine Corp. She has always talked about how special her younger brother is to her, both through broadcasts and also on her social media account. His photo was also revealed during the broadcast.

She said, “EXID’s Hani is in a Marines family. I will give my very best in narrating this episode,” while dressed up in a red cap and red t-shirt that signifies the Korean Marines. She asked for support from other people also serving in the Marines.

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  • kiddy_nights

    Actually there’s a difference between marines and the navy eh? I spent like 15 minutes reading up on the difference — why did you change it?