30th Golden Disc Awards Move to Seoul

2016-01-11 00:35:21 2016-01-11 00:35:21

Although it was previously confirmed that the 30th Golden Disc Awards would be held in Shenzhen, it has now been announced that the venue for the awards has been changed. The awards will now be held in Korea. The organizing committee released a statement on January 11 confirming the change in venue, as well as reporting that although the location would change, the dates (January 20-21) would remain the same.

“Our┬ánumber one priority at the awards is always to provide for the safety of both the artists and the audience.On December 20, there was a large-scale landslide that occurred in Shenzhen, China. A tragedy arose where 77 people were reported missing, and 58 were reported dead.” They added that, as per regulations following such disasters, the public authorities in Shenzhen have cancelled any large-scale events to be held in January. In addition the 30th Golden Disc Awards, singer Gary‘s Asia Tour concert to be held in Shenzhen on January 16 has also been cancelled.

Neitzens are wondering how the awards plan to prepare for the change in venue within ten days, along with how to go about buying tickets.

The awards are now planned to be held in Seoul on January 20-21, in the Peace Hall at Kyunghee University.

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