EXO’s Chanyeol Gets Confused Wishing D.O Happy Birthday

2016-01-12 00:50:58 2016-01-12 00:50:58

EXO‘s D.O recently turned 23 (international age) on January 12 and fellow member Chanyeol made sure to wish him a happy birthday. However, he made a mistake in the conversation soon afterwards and then uploaded the whole thing on social media to poke fun at himself.

미안해 경수야 나란놈 너의 스케쥴도 잘 모르는 놈이지만 그래도 생일축하해주는 마음만큼은 내가제일 커다랗다고봐..사랑한다❤ #???

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D.O replied to Chanyeol’s congratulatory text by writing, “Thanks, Chanyeol. You called me but I missed it. I fell asleep at 10 and woke up just now.” Chanyeol didn’t seem bothered by the missed call and wrote, “You must have been tired from the stage greetings. You worked hard. I hope you have the best day of 2016.”

But D.O was puzzled by Chanyeol’s words, writing, “The stage greetings start today….” Chanyeol wrote in the caption of the snapshot, “Sorry, Kyungsoo [D.O’s birth name]. I don’t really know your schedule, but I wish you happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.”

Member Sehun cut in on the joke, commenting “Don’t copy me” on Chanyeol’s post.

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