Im Siwan Believes He’s Come This far on Luck Alone

2016-01-12 09:00:46 2016-01-12 09:00:46

Actor Im Siwan was as modest as ever in a recent interview about his upcoming movie, “Thinking of My Brother.”

The interview took place in Seoul’s Samcheong-dong neighborhood on January 12. On the topic of his career, Im Siwan confessed he doesn’t really have a clear idea of himself as a celebrity. “I’ve never had any thoughts like ‘I should be an idol’ or ‘I should do acting.'” He continued, “I’ve only made it this far because I’ve been lucky. I’ve been able to act only because of the opportunities that came my way by chance.”

He went on to say that he often feels sorry to other actors and actresses he works with because in comparison to them, he feels like he’s just playing around. “Not to compare myself with their efforts, but I think that I should work even harder so that I can show a better version of myself.”

Meanwhile, in the film “Thinking of My Brother,” Im Siwan plays Second Lieutenant Han Sang Ryeol, who organizes a choir in the middle of a battlefield. The film will hit theatres on January 21.

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