INFINITE Reveal Which Members Were Advised to Leave the Group

2016-01-14 06:26:37 2016-01-14 06:26:37

Turns out that it hasn’t been a smooth ride to the top for all the members of INFINITE.

On the January 14 broadcast of MBC Every1’s “INFINITE’s Showtime,” the members play the Never Have I Ever game to reveal interesting stories and facts about themselves.

When it’s Sunggyu‘s time to ask a question, he says, “Those who have been advised to leave the group by our agency CEO – put a finger down.”

Immediately, Woohyun and Dongwoo drop their fingers, and Sunggyu goes on to joke while facing Woohyun, “So you managed to make it?”

Dongwoo explains about his past struggles, “I’ve been told that a lot. Even before our debut.” Hearing this, Sunggyu himself puts down a finger and says, “I almost failed to make it as well.”

The members then turn to Hoya, expecting him to share about similar experiences. But Hoya says, “You’d think that I’d have something to tell, but I don’t.”


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