miss A’s Suzy Holds the Purse Strings in Beanpole Pictorial

2016-01-15 23:15:17 2016-01-15 23:15:17

miss A’s Suzy recently took part in a photo shoot for Beanpole Accessory, embracing a wide variety of styles from the “office look” to the “first date.”

Surrounded by a clean, minimalist interior, Suzy showcases her slim figure and doll-like visuals in stylish blouses and bold skirts. In all the pictures, she is photographed with a Beanpole Accessory bag, especially the new spring release “Hunny Bag.”

bae suzy miss a suzy suzy

In some pictures, she wears loose patterned dresses and killer heels that anticipate the spring season, while in another she embraces the white blouse and black slacks of the office career woman.

suzy suzy

Beanpole Accessory is also expected to reveal more about the photo shoot on their official Instagram.

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