Rapper Swings Apologizes for Misleading Remark About His Profit Making Activities

2016-01-15 12:19:29 2016-01-15 17:18:52

Rapper Swings apologizes for not following through on a commitment he made after an early military discharge in September of last year. He was granted an early discharge due to various mental health issues. “For the remainder of my military service period, I will not pursue any commercial activities and will focus solely on recovering,” he said.

After getting caught for providing private rap lessons, Swings made an apology to his fans through a Ustream broadcast on January 12. The rapper said that he had anticipated the criticisms and was not surprised. “I recently moved and was short on money,” he explains. He further reveals that he is paying for his mother’s debts while admitting that he had made a hasty statement back in September.

Although he expects to participate in free or public service broadcasts, he promises not to take part in any profit generating performances or music related activities. Swings explains that the rap lessons he is providing was something he had always been doing long before.

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