Actor Yeo Jin Goo Finally Becomes a Licensed Driver

2016-01-18 23:44:18 2016-01-18 23:44:18

On January 18, actor Yeo Jin Goo uploaded a new photo onto his official Instagram, showing off his shiny new driver’s license!

It looks like the actor recently has been learning how to drive, and he seemed extremely pleased at passing the test. The actor was previously licensed to drive a boat, but finally is able to drive a car as well.

The photo released shows Yeo Jin Goo hand holding his new driver’s license. He looks handsome in his ID picture, his address and national identification number blurred out with hearts.

He captioned the photo “The weather is so so cold!!!! Everyone be careful about catching a cold~ ^_^ Lately I’ve been losing my mind trying to get a driver’s license. huhuhuhuhuhu #900Gram #Finally #DriversLicense #SoHappy”

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