Updated: Zico Reveals New Teasers for Upcoming Ballad Single

2016-01-18 07:18:30 2016-01-22 02:22:28

Updated 1/22/16:

Block B’s Zico has revealed new teaser photos for his upcoming ballad single. Check them out below!

Zico 2 Zico 3 Zico


Block B‘s Zico has surprised fans by dropping the first teaser for his upcoming single.

This will mark his first time to release a ballad since his debut. The beautiful background track of the teaser video hints at an emotional yet refreshing ballad with lyrics about reminiscing a past romance. The music video teaser stars Japanese singer and former idol Mariko Shinoda.

This single will mark Zico’s comeback just a month and a half after releasing his first mini album “Gallery” on December 7.

Stay tuned for the release of “It Was Love” on January 25!

*An earlier version of this article stated that the single will feature f(x)’s Luna. This information was not confirmed and has been removed.