2015 Girl Group Music Download Rankings Revealed

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A complete list revealing the top-downloaded girl groups in 2015 has surfaced on Instiz, with some surprising results! The download figures were pulled from the Gaon Chart.

Second-year veterans Red Velvet slid into first place with a total of 2,412,935 downloads for the tracks off their three albums “Ice Cream Cake,” “Dumb Dumb,” and “Wish Tree;” barely beating out second place winner Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation racked up a total of 2,278,227 downloads off their three releases “Catch Me If You Can,” “Party,” and “Lion Heart.” Power-rookie group GFRIEND swept in to take third place, with an impressive total of 1,695,701 sales from “Seasons of Glass” and “Flower Bud.” Summer queens SISTAR took fourth place three with 1,652,340 downloads from their album “SHAKE IT.”

Take a complete look at the rankings and the breakdown of downloads by album below:

1. Red Velvet: 1st Mini Album “Ice Cream Cake” (1,081,868) + 1st Full Album “Dumb Dumb” (1,220,337) + Digital Single “Wish Tree” (110,830) = 2,412,935

2. Girls’ Generation: Digital Single “Catch Me If You Can” (152,373) + 2nd Single Album “PARTY” (937,716) + 5th Full Album “Lion Heart” (1,188,138) = 2,278,227

3. GFRIEND: 1st Mini Album “Season of Glass” (681,925) + 2nd Mini Album “Flower Bud” (1,013,776) = 1,695,701

4. SISTAR: 3rd Mini Album “SHAKE IT” (1,652,340)

5. EXID: 2nd Mini Album “AH YEAH” (1,165,825) + Digital Single “HOT PINK” (461,509) = 1,627,334

6. miss A: 3rd Mini Album “Colors” (1,328,093) = 1,328,093

7. AOA: 3rd Mini Album “Heart Attack” (1,268,506)

8. A Pink: Digital Single “Promise U” (81,625) + 2nd Full Album “Pink MEMORY” (1,134,477) = 1,216,102

9. MAMAMOO: 2nd Mini Album “Pink Funky” (1,188,720)

10. Wonder Girls: 3rd Full Album “REBOOT” (1,084,248)

11. f(x): 4th Full Album “4Walls” (986,828) + Digital Single “12:25 Wish List” (85,013) = 1,071,841

12 Girl’s Day: Digital Single “Hello Bubble” (224,252) + 2nd Full Album “LOVE” (835,296) = 1,059,548

13. 4Minute: Digital Single “Cold Rain” (147,424) + 6th Mini Album “Crazy” (703,242) = 850,666

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* A previous version of this article listed GFRIEND as further down the list, an error copied from Instiz. The rankings have been corrected to reflect the proper numbers.