Ha Ji Won and Bolin Chen Become Lovers for Marie Claire

2016-01-20 17:45:27 2016-02-05 08:32:08

Actress Ha Ji Won and Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen have filmed a couple pictorial together for Marie Claire.

The concept of this pictorial was a breakup in a relationship, and both did very well looking like old friends or a couple in an argument.

ha ji won bolin chen marie claire1

With their upcoming film “Risky Relationship (tentative title)” coming out in February, the pair shared how they want to grow as better actors in an interview after the photo shoot. Ha Ji Won said that she wants to become an actress who gives a project her everything to perfect her character. Bolin Chen revealed that he wanted to become an actor who can express diverse characters well rather than just becoming overly famous.

ha ji won bolin chen marie claire2

Fans will be able to see Ha Ji Won and Bolin Chen’s beautiful winter pictorial on Marie Claire’s website.

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