Park Bo Gum’s Handwritten Letter to Fan Highlights His Kindness

2016-01-25 21:22:53 2016-01-25 21:22:53

Popular actor Park Bo Gum has become a hot topic of conversation lately, most recently netizens have been focusing on a a previously handwritten letter to a fan.

Last Christmas, a picture was posted under the title “Park Bo Gum’s Handwriting,” commenting on Park Bo Gum’s neat and round handwriting.

The letter reads:

“Hello! This is Park Bo Gum.

I’ve been enjoying the uplifting letters you post in the fan café 🙂 Thank you for providing me with such energy!

You’ve done so well for a year, and I hope you fulfill all your dreams in 2016. Lets all be children of God and have a good impact on the world! I hope you spend a warm and happy Christmas with your family.

I hope your life is filled with God’s blessings… God Bless U. 

How sweet of him to write back to his fans!

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