Lee Kwang Soo Is the New Chaebol Star

2016-01-26 14:18:03 2016-01-26 14:18:03

Actor Lee Kwang Soo has earned the number one spot for chaebol stars.

On the January 25 broadcast of “The List 2016,” it revealed eight stars who have been labeled as newly-rising chaebols. Lee Kwang Soo rose to first place, surpassing actor Kim Soo Hyun.

The staff of the show stated, “[Lee Kwang Soo’s] pay for commercials was about 800,000 won (approximately $666) at the beginning of his career but after five years it has rose to 200 million won (approximately $166,400) per commercial. He is also the most wanted star to appear on Chinese variety shows. His appearance fee in Chinese shows ranges from 50 million won to 100 million won (approximately $41,600 to $83,200) and his pay to shoot commercials there is about 400 million won (approximately $332,900).”

Lee Kwang Soo also became the model for a Japanese car brand on top of his other activities in Southeast Asia.

With Lee Kwang Soo in first place as one of the newly-rising chaebol stars, Kim Soo Hyun came in second, Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri came in third, JYJ‘s Junsu came in fourth, Jessica came in fifth, rapper Dok2 came in sixth, SISTAR‘s Soyou came in seventh, and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon came in eighth.

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