Kang Dong Won and Im Soo Jung Share Their Changed Attitude Towards Doing Dramas

Im Soo Jung Kang Dong Won

Both Kang Dong Won and Im Soo Jung haven’t been in a drama in over a decade and have chosen to focus on films instead, but don’t stop hoping yet, fans, because it seems like the two actors have had a change of heart.

“I want to do dramas. My views have changed. I have heard that the drama production process has changed a lot,” says Kang Dong Won, who had qualms with the highly time-pressed environment of drama sets, with scripts arriving piece by piece.

The actor, whose last drama “Magic” aired 12 years ago, continues, “I would like to collaborate on a drama with people from film as well. I want to try taking a good story that otherwise wouldn’t fit into two hours and draw it out into a more than 10 hour [movie] in the format of a drama.”

Im Soo Jung, who has also been away from the small screen for 12 years after rising to stardom through “I’m Sorry, I Love You,” shares, “I have passed on numerous drama casting offers, but thankfully I still continue to receive them.”

“I believe an actor should do as many works as possible. In the past I haven’t been able to do so, but now, whether it’s a movie or drama, I plan to take projects on consistently with an open heart,” she says.

Would you like to see Kang Dong Won and/or Im Soo Jung return to the small screen?

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