Hyeri Reveals How Her Father Reacted After Seeing Her Kiss Scene With Park Bo Gum

2016-01-29 16:21:05 2016-01-29 16:21:05

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri revealed what happened when her dad saw her kiss scene with actor Park Bo Gum in “Reply 1988.”

On January 28, news outlet Sports Joseon posted an interview it did with Hyeri. In the interview, the star talked about how her father reacted when he saw the kiss scene.

Hyeri started off saying, “My father seems to be okay with everything except the kiss scene with Taek (Park Bo Gum).”

hyeri park bo gum reply 1988

She continued, “My dad saw the scene where Taek kisses Dukseon in the hotel in China and started bawling because he was so surprised. My dad said, ‘Aigoo’ while crying. It was funny yet a bit sad seeing him react like that.”

Hyeri added that she couldn’t call her father much afterwards because she was so embarrassed.

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