Joo Won, Kris, and Hangeng’s Film Reveals Stills and Confirms Release Date

2016-01-29 19:41:16 2016-01-29 19:41:16

Reps for upcoming film “Passion Heaven” (also known as “Xiao You Qiao Mu”) have confirmed the movie’s release date for April 29 of this year and has also treated fans to individual stills of the male leads, Joo Won, Kris (Wu Yi Fan), and Hangeng.

Each of the stills give a glimpse into their individual characters.

Joo Won

Helmed by director Jo Jin Kyu, “Passion Heaven” is a Korean-Chinese joint production film based on a popular web novel. The story is a melodrama revolving around the relationships between three men and one woman and how each of the men love the woman differently.


Whose character are you looking forward to most?

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