Choi Ji Woo Ranks Her Work as an Actress on Her Life Graph

2016-01-30 18:14:40 2016-01-30 18:14:40

On the episode of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired on Janaury 30, Choi Ji Woo appears for a guerilla date.

In celebration of 20 years since her debut, she draws a graph charting her activities as an actress.

Choi Ji Woo 2

On her debut drama, “First Love,” she says, “I’m so embarrassed of that period. I’ll give it a 40.” She gives more points to her 1997 movie, “The Hole,” saying, “It received more love than I thought it would.”

She gives a 90 to her most popular 2002 drama “Winter Sonata” along with “Stairway to Heaven.” Meanwhile, she ranks “The Suspicious House Keeper” lower because “it is a good drama, but had sad ratings.”

She ranks “Three Meals a Day” similarly to “Winter Sonata” because she was shown as a more relatable character. When Kim Saeng Min teases her, she jokingly protests, “I thought you said this was my second round of prime time?”

Choi Ji Woo 3

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