EXID’s Hani Reveals How to Tell If She Is Eating Delicious Food

2016-01-30 19:44:46 2016-01-30 19:44:46

EXID’s Hani, who is known for her ravenous appetite, gave out tips on telling whether or not she is actually eating good food.

On the episode of KBS2 TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired on January 30, Hani comments on how she received a lot of attention for her healthy appetite.

“I’m very impatient and eat very fast, but people seem to look at it positively,” she says. “My nostrils express my feelings,” she adds, saying that they’re the easiest way to tell if she’s eating something delicious.

Meanwhile, when asked what commercials she’d like to model for, she says, “I’m 25, so I would like to model for an alcoholic beverage.”


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