Jack Black Sends a Message to Jung Hyung Don on “Infinite Challenge”

2016-01-30 08:49:23 2016-01-30 08:49:23

Jack Black has sent a message to Jung Hyung Don, who is currently taking a break from “Infinite Challenge.”

On the episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” that aired on January 30, Hollywood star Jack Black attends the show’s “Variety School.”

Prior to the show, the staff met Jack Black at the airport and gave him Jung Hyung Don’s shirt. Back at the time, he said, “You challenge me? To the ‘Infinite Challenge’? I accept your challenge!” But when he pulled out the shirt he joked, “I might need a slightly larger size.”

Jack Black 2

When he finally meets the crew at the studio, Yoo Jae Suk tells Jack Black, “That outfit was Jung Hyung Don’s. Did you know that?”

“He’s not coming today?” Jack Black asks. He then proceeds to send a virtual message to Jung Hyung Don saying, “Next time, bro!”

Jack Black 3

Check out more of Jack Black in January 30’s episode of “Infinite Challenge”!

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