Kim So Yeon Celebrates Kwak Si Yang’s Birthday With a Surprise Party

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On the episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” aired on January 30, Kim So Yeon prepares a surprise party for Kwak Si Yang.

In celebration of the special day, she makes lunch for him and brings it to his management agency office. She decides the office to be the party location because Kwak Si Yang treats his agency staff as family.

Kwak Si Yang, who is oblivious of the whole situation, breaks into a wide smile as he finds Kim So Yeon in the crowd of office people. She hands him her handmade lunch, a scarf, and mittens from a department store as a gift. Kwak Si Yang is touched by her thoughtful presents.

kim so yeon kwak si yang 4

kim so yeon kwak si yang 3

Soon afterwards the office people shout out, “Kiss.” When the chanting continues even after Kim So Yeon kisses his cheek, she covers her face with her palms and kisses his lips.

kim so yeon kwak si yang 2

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